Frequently Asked Questions

No, most people are not home during the day and we are used to working away by ourselves. If we finish up before you return we will lock up and set the alarm before leaving.

Not much, we take care of moving furniture, taking down curtains & blinds, taking pictures down etc. We also use drop clothes and plastic sheets to protect your furniture and floors. If however you have the time to move furniture pictures etc. yourself then that will mean we can start painting a lot sooner and finish the job for you a lot faster. The choice is yours.

All holes and cracks will be filled. Marks and stains, like water stains for example, will be stain blocked before painting. Mould will be treated with a mould killer and removed before painting. Woodwork will be sanded down before painting.

It depends on the size of the job, the minimum would be 1 or 2 painters and decorators and the larger the job the more painters involved, generally no more than 6 or seven but usually 2 or 3.

That will be discussed with you before work is carried out. We use good quality brands of paint because they give a better finish and last longer. Dulux, Farrow & Ball, Colourtrend, Fleetwood e

Colours can sometimes look different when you take into account the lighting in your room. We will put up some colour samples before work is carried out to ensure you are happy with your choice.

Just contact us with your requirements and we’ll come out and have a look at the job and get back to you as quickly as possible with a quote.

No, we’ll repair the walls for you unless the damage is extensive.

Oil is harder wearing than acrylic, and will give a better finish with less brush strokes but acrylic will dry faster and is better for the environment than oil. The choice is really down to personal preference.

The better the brand, the better the finish. A cheap brand will take more coats to cover, won’t last as long or look as well. In the long run cheaper paint costs more!

If you like we will clean your windows when the painting is finished. Once painting is complete the windows can be cleaned.

Leftover paints and other hazardous waste must be disposed of properly. We will direct you on where to bring old cans of paint or alternatively as part of our service we will remove the cans for you.

There can be several reasons for this to happen. Maybe the walls might need to be stabilised first before painting or the plaster might be lime based. If its lime based plaster on the walls then they should have been coated with a lime based coating, like lime wash, or a breathable paint. We would need to see the building in order to be sure.

Yes, using a power washer we can clean your decking and garden furniture. Once dry we can then oil it or stain it for you.

Of course! To see both interior and exterior samples, please visit our painting & decorating gallery.

Yes. References will be provided upon request.