How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets And Degrease?

When you want to clean kitchen cabinets most of us just give them a quick wipe down from time to time with a damp rag. This can help to clean away stains or to wipe up a spill but doesn't do anything to address the issue of grease.

This blog is about how to clean kitchen cabinets but is going to come across as an advert for Krud Kutter. If you really want to clean kitchen cabinets then you are going to need something a little stronger than soapy water. In the good ol days we decorators used to use sugar soap to clean kitchen cabinets prior to painting them. You can't just sand down kitchen cabinets and then start painting because the paint just won't take. When paint goes over a greasy surface it will split straight away, so if you see your paint splitting then you know the surface just isn't clean enough.

These are the tools you are going to need:

  • Krud Kutter (degreaser).
  • Cheap tooth brush.
  • Scrubbing brush.
  • Lots of rags.
  • Drop sheets.

First things first, pick a section or small area to start to clean the kitchen cabinets. Using the drop sheets cover up the counter tops and floors or anything you don't want to get covered in dirt and grease. Next get out the Krud Kutter and spray liberally onto the area you want to clean. Keep spraying until you can see the grease start to lift. It sometimes helps to spray on the Krud Kutter and leave it for a few minutes to do its thing with the grease but don't leave it too long or the grease will just dry back in again.

Once you see the grease start to move you can start to wipe clean the kitchen cabinets with the rags. Wipe away the excess grease and grime then spray again with the Krud Kutter. This time you need to start scrubbing. If you are working on the molding at the top of the kitchen the use the toothbrush to degrease the dental work, all other areas you can just use the scrubbing brush. Then wipe clean with a fresh rag. Expect to get through a lot of rags! So to recap - Spray, wipe, spray, scrub and wipe.

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