How To Paint A Panel Door And Frame

How to paint a panel door, a guide.

This is a quick guide on how to paint a panel door and frame. It’s fairly straight forward. For this example I am using a water based primer. Water based paints are easier to apply than oil based so if you are a novice painter this is just the paint for you.

First you’ll need some tools:

  • A good quality paint brush
  • Masking tape
  • Drop sheets, paint sheets or newspapers
  • Flat head screwdriver

This how to paint guide is more about technique than anything else, if you would like to more about how to paint wood then go to this guide.

How to paint a panel door:

Assuming you have prepared the door and frame (if not go check out my how to paint wood blog) and you have you're paint and brush.

  • First loosen the door handles by unscrewing them and then wrap the handles with masking tape. Then wrap the hinges as well as you can with the masking tape. this is to help protect them from getting covered in paint
  • Ok, so you have your paint and brush in hand so where do you start? You start by painting the panels first. Begining at the top panels and working your way down to the bottom panels
  • when the panels have been painted, go back to the top and paint the horizontal board in the door, the lenght just above the first 2 panels
  • Next paint the board between the 2 panels and all the others working your way down to the bottom horizontal board
  • Once the centre area of the door has been painted its time to start on the side of the door. If the door opens towards you then start on the side that has the door hinges first, if the door opens away from you then start on the side that has the door handle. Paint from top to bottom
  •  By now the entire door has been painted bar one side. Before you paint this side, paint the edge of the door first.
  • Once the edge has been painted, go back to the front of the door and paint the remaining side. Thats the door finished.
  • Now for the door frame. Start at the top of the door frame first
  • When the top is finished, pick one side or another of the door frame and paint from top to bottom, making sure to paint the edge into the wall neatly first before painting the front. If the wall next to the door frame is going to be wallpapered then paint in about an inch onto the wall.
  • Lastly paint the other side of the door frame the same way as in step 9

That’s how to paint a panel door and frame. Easy peasey eh?

How to paint a panel door – Tips.

  • Always start at the top and work your way down
  • When painting panel doors always paint the panels first

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