Oisin Butler Painting And Decorating Specialist

Exterior House Painting Service in Dublin

We provide an exterior house painting service in Dublin and Dublin South. We have 30 plus years of experience painting the outside of peoples homes.

  • We are expert exterior house painters and decorators, based locally.

  • We are experienced at preparing and painting problem surfaces.

  • We are experts at preparing and painting exterior woodwork.

  • Providing practical painting ideas, suggestions and trouble shooting.

  • Use only the best paint, materials and tools.

  • Exterior house painting specialists, clean and tidy from start to finish.

  • Painting the exterior of houses in Dun Laoghaire, South Dublin based, servicing all Dublin and Leinster areas.

  • Fully insured and VAT registered.

When it comes to exterior house painting we know what needs to be done to achieve a great paint finish. We will walk around your property with you and discuss what needs to be done. You can point out any problem areas or issues and we can discuss the solutions. We have experience using all the well know brands of exterior paint and will recommend the best product for your house.

If you like we can also make some suggestions regarding colours too though if you are really unsure we can recommend a colour consultant.

When it comes to exterior window painting you have lots of options. Generally exterior windows should be repainted every 4 or 5 years to keep them in tip top condition. If its been longer than this since you last had your exterior windows painted then they might require a bit more in terms of preparation. The preparation is all part of our service. We will remove any rotten wood and either replace or fill with an appropriate wood filler.

If one of the panes of glass in your windows is broken then we can replace this for you too as part of the overall job, this is something that we encounter all time, especially with older properties.

Oisin Butler Limited Painting And Decorating Specialist Dublin Ireland
Oisin Butler Limited Painting And Decorating Specialist Dublin Ireland

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