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Hand Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Hand painted kitchen cabinets, units and fitted furniture are our specialty at Oisin Butler Ltd. For many years now we have been hand painting many different types of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes etc. We know how to get the best finish and will also recommend the type of paint that is used and we pride ourselves on being the very good at what we do!

Why hand paint kitchen cabinets and furniture, why not just spray? If you would like your kitchen to have an authentic paint finish created by a master painter, then the only way forward is to hand paint. Spray painting is a quicker process and is usually reserved for very contemporary kitchens.

When hand painting your kitchen cabinets or fitted furniture like wardrobes etc we have developed a technique and best practice over the years that insures we get the best possible finish. We are happy to share our technique with you if you decide you would like to try it out for yourself!

When it comes to painting kitchen cabinets and fitted furniture there are lots of different types of paint and primers that can be used and also lots of different ways of applying these paints and primers. We will make recommendations on the best primers, undercoats and topcoats depending upon your needs.There is usually three types of kitchen to paint, a new kitchen just fitted, an existing kitchen that was previously painted or an old wooden kitchen that has been around for years and needs a makeover.

Painting new kitchen cabinets:
Painting new kitchen cabinets is a little more straight forward than an existing kitchen. A new kitchen will be primed, filled where necessary, undercoated and finished in either a gloss, satinwood or eggshell finish.

Repainting kitchen cabinets:
When it comes to repainting kitchen cabinets it’s a little easier and a little harder depending. The cabinets need a good scrub (even if you have the cleanest kitchen cabinets in all of the land we still need to give them a <a href=”https://oisinbutler.ie/how-to-clean-kitchen-cabinets-and-degrease/”>good clean and degrease</a> in order to ensure a sound foundation for our first coat of paint).

Painting wooden kitchen cabinets:
Painting over existing wooden kitchen cabinets is the hardest of them all. Generally, you will find a lot of really solid, high quality kitchens that have been around for years and just need a new lease of life. These kitchens are functional and work well in the home and to replace them with a new kitchen would cost a lot of money without giving a huge increase in benefits. For a fraction of the price for a new kitchen, we can repaint these old kitchen cabinets and give them a completely new lease of life. When finished, with some new door knobs or handles thrown in for good measure, it always looks like a new kitchen!

Oisin Butler Limited Painting And Decorating Specialist Dublin Ireland
Oisin Butler Limited Painting And Decorating Specialist Dublin Ireland

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