What's the best paint?

What’s the best paint is a question that crops up all the time. Well to get the answer we need to refine the question a little.

For a start there are a lot of excellent paints on the market so to find out what’s the best paint for you we need to know what exactly you want to paint. For example, the best paint for a living room ceiling won’t be the same as the best paint for a bathroom ceiling.

So without further ado here’s what I feel are the best answers to What’s the best paint.

What’s the best paint for ceilings?

  • Crown Cover Matt.
  • Dulux Trade Super Matt.


There are specialist paints for ceilings, there are standard emulsions and there are even paints that go on pink then turn white. With ceiling paint, if you are looking for a nice white finish, my money is on either Dulux Supermatt or Crown cover matt. They both have good covering power and are middle of the road when it comes to cost.

What’s the best paint for walls?

  • Colortrend Matt – A high quality, 100% acrylic matt emulsion, made in Ireland.
  • Farrow & Ball Estate Emulsion – For a high quality finish.
  • Little Greene Matt Emulsion.
  • Dulux vinyl matt.


You have a quite few options when it comes to interior wall paint. If you need a paint to be durable and stand up to a lot of knocks and scrapes then Colortrend Ceramic Matt is the paint for you, in light colours only though. Alternatively you can use Colortrend soft sheen, this is a good strong paint that is easy to wipe down. If it’s good quality paint you want then Dulux paint is a great choice. Dulux is a good quality paint with lots of colours and finishes to choose from, its also probably the most popular paint in Ireland. Farrow & Ball paint is quite costly but comes in 132 colours and really stands the test of time.

What’s the best paint for fresh plaster?

  • Any standard matt emulsion watered down about 40% for the first coat


There are paints you can buy to prime fresh interior plaster but in my opinion there’s no need to spend the extra money. Just use a good standard matt emulsion, like Fleetwood Extra Plus for example, and water it down about 40% for the first coat. Once primed you can topcoat with the finish paint. Alternatively you can water down the first coat of your finish, say Farrow & Ball, then apply a couple of coats neat i.e. without water. This will cost you a lot more without any added benefit though!

What’s the best paint for wood?

Oil Based:

  • Littlegreene eggshell
  • Dulux eggshell
  • Rubbol Satura Plus semi gloss/ satin


Water based:

  • Colortrend eggshell or satinwood.
  • Farrow & Ball – Eggshell.
  • Fleetwood Advanced Satinwood.


You have the option of using oil based or water based paint for woodwork with most paint brands but because of the VOC legislation the oil based paint just doesn’t hold its colour anymore. This is especially true for white oil based paint for woodwork. Out of all the brands on the market right now Colortrend do the best water based paint for wood work. The next best water based brands would be Farrow & Ball eggshell and Fleetwood Advanced is an excellent paint too, unfortunately Fleetwood Advanced only comes in a satin wood or gloss finish.

What’s the best paint for a bathroom ceiling?

  • Zinsser Permawhite.
  • Soft sheen paint by Colortrend, Fleetwood or Dulux paints.


For a bathroom ceiling you should really use paint with a sheen. If the paint doesn’t have a sheen the moisture from your bath or shower will eventually seep through and undermine your ceiling paint, causing it to crack and flake away. For my money the best paint you can use for a bathroom ceiling is Zinsser Permawhite. This paint also has anti-fungal properties or biocides which will help prevent mould. You can buy this paint at Stillorgan Decor.

What’s the best paint for kitchen or bathroom walls?

  • Zinsser Permawhite (It can be tinted to the colour of your choice).
  • Colortrend Soft sheen. 
  • Dulux/Fleetwood Soft sheen.


A soft sheen, silk or eggshell finish is what you really need on your kitchen or bathroom walls. Zinsser Permawhite eggshell is a great paint for kitchens & bathrooms that have a lot of moisture. Colortrend, Farrow & Ball, Fleetwood or Dulux do good quality soft sheens. You can buy these paints at Stillorgan Decor.

What’s the best paint for water stain, smoke stains and general stain blocking?

  • Zinsser B-I-N primer.


When you need to block a stain, any kind of stain at all, before repainting then look no further than Zinsser B-I-N primer. Its the best stain blocker you can get. You can buy B-I-N primer at Stillorgan Decor.

What’s the best paint, water based, for kitchen Cabinets?

  •           Dulux Oil based eggshell or satinwood.
  •           Littlegreene Oil based eggshell.
  •           Colortrend Satinwood.
  •           Fleetwood Advanced Satinwood.


Colortrend satinwood is a great water based paint for kitchen cabinets followed closely by Farrow & Ball Modern eggshell and Fleetwood Advanced satinwood. If you want a brilliant white finish then consider using Dulux Stay White.

What’s the best paint for furniture?

Same as above

Whats the best paint for exterior render?

  • Colortrend exterior masonry paint.
  • Dulux weather shield.
  • Fleetwood weather clad.
  • Farrow & Ball limewash – for lime based mortar.


If it’s a modern render, as distinct from a lime based render, you have a few options. Colortrend exterior masonry paint, Dulux weather shield or even Fleetwood weather clad. These are all great exterior paints. If it’s a lime based mortar, usually found on pre 20th century buildings, then you will need a breathable paint, Farrow & Ball will be the best option. You can buy these paints at Stillorgan Decor.

What’s the best paint for exterior wood and metal?

  • Sikkens Rubbol Satura Plus – This paint is the best solvent based and is far ahead of the competition in terms of durability. It costs more though you really get what you pay for!
  • Dulux Oil based Gloss.
  • Sandtex Oil Based.
  • Fleetwood Advanced satinwood/gloss.


In terms of a long lasting finish I would recommend Rubbol Satura, its the hardest wearing finish.

These are what I feel are the best paints to use either inside or outside your home. Some painters might disagree with some of my choices but most will agree.

Its all well and good knowing which paint to buy but where can it be found is the next question. You might find some of these brands in woodies or a local builder’s supply but you won’t find them all together. Another problem with going to anywhere other than a dedicated paint shop is that you are unlikely to get good sound professional advice specifically about the best paint and how to apply it. There are a quite a few good paint shops around the country but as I buy all my paint in Dublin I can only really recommend one place to go – Stillorgan Décor, Stillorgan Mall, Lower Kilmacud Road, Stillorgan, Dublin 18.

Stillorgan Décor is a family run business and has been around for as long as I can remember. The guys in Stillorgan Décor are experts when it comes to paint. They have the best selection of good quality paints and papers under one roof. They can match colours from paint chips, they can recommend which brand of paint to use, and they have all the tools you will need to carry out your painting or wallpapering project. If you need advice, then Stillorgan Décor will give it to you.

Another great thing about Stillorgan Décor is that they are open 7 days a week. 7.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm Saturday and 1pm to 6pm Sunday.

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What's The Best Paint For Your Home?

What's The Best Paint For Your Home?

What's The Best Paint For Your Home?

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