Dulux Vinyl Matt, New Light Base Formula Review.

Dulux vinyl matt paint in a light base has been around for years and has just been reformulated. We decided to give it a quick test drive to see if theres any noticable differenece.

A base is a tintable paint and is used as a foundation or ‘base’ for colours. If you wander into a paint shop , like Stillorgan Decor for example, and ask for a Dulux colour to be made, the odds are it will be made up in a base. There’s a few different types of bases available – light, medium, dark, clear and so on.

Usually a light colour will be mixed into a light base though sometimes a light colour will be mixed into a white paint instead. Mixing a colour into white paint isn’t recommended for a couple of reasons. Firstly the colour won’t be right, it will come out a tone or two lighter at least. Secondly the paint die will sit differently in a white paint compared to a base and this can create problems when you roll and brush the paint onto a wall. It makes it harder to use and the finish isn’t as nice.

The number 1 reason a colour will be mixed into a white paint instead of a base is to save some money! As usual this type of cost cutting measure is a false economy. You’ll end up with a colour that’s not quite what you wanted in a paint that’s not that easy to use

We got our hands on the new formula dulux vinyl matt today and tried it out straight away.

First impression when paint was poured straigh into a paint bucket? This paints consistency looked good. Onto the walls by brush, this paint flowed well and was nice to use. Onto the walls with a roller, again the paint flowed really well and the opacity was excellent. One coat of Dulux Vinyl matt practically covered the walls. Two coats of paint and these walls are finished. There was no paint churn, no problems, just a nice finish.

All in all this new and improved formula for Dulux vinyl matt is lovely to use and has great opacity ie it covers really well.

If you are having your house painted and using Dulux colours then make sure to insist that everythings mixed into the correct base. It will give a better looking and longer lasting finish. You don’t have your house painted every day!