Painting kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is the best way to totally revamp your tired old kitchen. You could tear out your old kitchen cabinets and install a shiny new kitchen, but it will cost quite a bit more than simply painting and will take a lot more time not to mention the disruption.

Generally it should take three to four days to paint your kitchen cabinets from start to finish. If you plan on doing it yourself over a weekend then get all of the preparation taken care of on the Friday so that will give you two full days to paint.

Preparation is the key to success when you start painting kitchen cabinets for the first time, or painting anything else for that matter.

If you have wooden kitchen cabinets that have been treated with an oil,then you will need to give them a really good scrub with methylated spirits first to remove the oil before painting.

If the surface has been varnished but is in good condition, then it should be given a very good clean with a degreaser followed by a good key with a high grade sandpaper, before wiping down with methylated spirits.

If you are painting kitchen cabinets at home for the first time,  that is they have never been painted before, then you need to get the right primer.

painted kitchen cabinets

Generally when painting kitchen cabinets for the first time the best primer to use is B-I-N primer by Zinsser. This is a shellac based primer that will seal the surface and provide a good foundation for the undercoat. If you are painting kitchen cabinets that have been painted before in the past then there’s probably no need for the B-I-N primer, just make sure to give them a really good scrub to remove any grease before painting.

This kitchen was cleaned down with Krud Cutter first including the tiles. The customer didn’t have the time to replace all of the tiles so she wanted to have them painted instead. Using Dulux trade super grip primer for the first coat gave a good foundation for the top coats. The cabinets were primed first then received two coats of a Farrow & Ball eggshell, colour Vert de Terre.

Is it worth your while painting kitchen cabinets?  Well, if they are in good condition and you’re happy with the layout then painting is the way to go. A good paint job and some new handles or knobs will completely transform your kitchen. As you can see for yourself in the picture below, a good paint job has really modernised this kitchen.

Once the decision to paint has been made the next thing to decide upon is the colour. This is really important to get right but don’t spend to much time thinking about it, pick a few colours that you like the look of, 3 is a good amount, and put up samples in different places around the kitchen.

Give yourself a day or two to decide on which colour you like best.

Once the colour has been chosen it’s just a matter of rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in or alternatively have a kitchen painter take it from here. Myself and the team have quite a bit of experience transforming kitchens through the application of paint and would be delighted to assist you if you need an expert approach.

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