Smart Wall Paint And How To Create A White Board Surface.

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How to create a white board surface, using Smart Whiteboard Paint


First off you need to measure the area you plan on turning into a whiteboard surface. Once you have your measurement’s go plug them into the area calculator so you know how much paint to buy. You should order some primer too. The wall might not need to be primed if the surface is in really good condition but to be 100% sure then you really should prime it.

When you get your package containing the Smart Wall Paint you’ll find these tools are included.

  • Sanding block
  • Paint rolling tray
  • Disposable gloves (these come in handy!)
  • Roller handle and sleeve
white board paint

Here’s a few extra tools you’ll need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Painters masking tape (use low tack masking tape so it doesn’t damage your wall).
  • Dust brush
  • Drop/paint sheets
  • Spirit Level

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Ok, so you have your paint and tools, so here’s 11 easy steps to get a nice shiny new whiteboard surface!

  • First measure out the area you want to paint and mark it with the pencil. A mark at each corner will do.
  • Using the spirit level draw four straight lines to create a square or rectangle.
  • Carefully apply the painters masking tape evenly to the outside of the pencil mark.
  • By now you’ll have the outline of your whiteboard surface so next on the list is to start sanding the wall inside the masked area. All you need to do is make sure it’s nice and smooth.
  • Dust off the wall with the dust brush before you apply the coat of primer with the roller. Make sure to wrap some masking tape tightly around the roller sleeve first, and then pull the tape away. This will remove any loose hairs that would otherwise end up in your primer.
  • Make sure to cover up your floor with the paint sheets!
  • When applying the primer don’t start right at the edge of the tape, instead start about six inches away from the tape, starting in the middle of the wall roll up to the top line of tape then back down to the lower line. It’s ok to get a little paint on the tape but try not to go right over it.
  • If you’re starting at the left hand side of the wall then using your roller, start rolling to the right before going left again back over the paint to the beginning of the wall and painting over the six inches you left out at the start. The reason for this is to give a nice even amount of paint across the surface. Continue painting the rest of the wall like this.
  •  Once the primer has dried it’s time to start with your Smart Wall Paint. There’s instructions in the box that will explain how to mix it up or go to Smart Wall Paint application guide.
  • When you have applied the Smart Wall Paint to a section of your wall as per the instructions, go back to the beginning and using your roller, without dipping it in more paint, roll the wall from top to bottom i.e. start at the top tape and roll down to the bottom tape. Continue this from left to right rolling over all the paint you have already applied. This is called laying off and the reason we do this is so the finish looks nice and uniform. If you just roll any old way then when the paint dries you’ll be able to see stop/start marks and the way the roller has moved in different directions.
  • Once the Smart Wall Paint has dried, carefully remove the tape to reveal your shiny new whiteboard surface in all its glory! It takes a few days to cure properly so don’t write on it just yet!



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