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Dulux Diamond Satinwood – A Review

Dulux Diamond Satinwood - Review

This is a quick review of Dulux Diamond Satinwood. I recently reviewed Dulux Stay White, a water based paint for woodwork and metal. Since that review I have been recommending Stay White to every customer that asks for a brilliant white finish for their woodwork. I had been a bit sceptical at first because waterbased paints haven’t always lived up to the hype but now I’m converted, as they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

I mentioned to Vincent Hyland, a regional area manager at Dulux in Dublin that I had no experience with Dulux Diamond Satinwood so he gave me a sample of this paint to try out for myself.

My intention was to use the Dulux Diamond Satinwood on a customer’s kitchen cabinets but because the customer in question hasn’t decided upon a colour yet I tried it out on a hall door instead.

Here are my thoughts on the Dulux Diamond Satinwood.

  • I had intended on undercoating the door first but because Dulux Diamond Satinwood is self-undercoating there was no need to use a separate undercoat which saved time.
  • The coverage was excellent, 3 coats for a finish.
  • Dulux Diamond Satinwood is waterbased so over the course of a (long) day I was able to apply 3 coats, which is not an option with oil based paint.
  • It helps to dampen the area with a wet rag first before painting, this seems to keep the paint wetter for a little longer which makes it easier to work with.
  • If you find stains or marks bleeding through the paint e.g. biro marks, it helps to touch these areas with Bin primer. This was never an issue with oil based paint because the oil would block most marks. As issues go, it’s not a big one.
  • A good quality brush is a must, I used a Wooster chinex which has synthetic bristles and is perfect for water based paints.
  • Very low odour which is great news for both the painter and the customer
  • Touch dry in about an hour, it could take a little less or more to dry depending on temperatures

Verdict – Thumbs up. Dulux Diamond Satinwood is easy to work with, covers well and dries to a tough finish. Perfect for woodwork that gets a lot of knocks like doors or kitchen cabinets for example.  It can be tinted to any colour which is great news too.

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