Cornice, how to paint and get a great finish.


how to paint cornice



Spray painting cornice in a period property.

The best way to paint cornice is to spray paint it. You might think it’s a lot of work but it’s worth it. The alternative is to paint it by hand. Painting a detailed cornice by hand is very time consuming and even then it doesn’t always look its best.

Today I had to paint some very detailed cornice. It had been painted in several colours and also had a lot of gold leaf applied. The way forward was clear to me.

First off we masked up everything in the room that wasn’t to be painted, everything from chandeliers to light switches. We also covered the floor with a corri-board and masked up all the joints. This was all to insure that when we started spray painting there would be no overspray on anything in the room that wasn’t about to be painted.

Once the masking was finished we dusted down the cornice to make sure it was nice and clean.

Once clean we spot primed the cornice with a Bin primer to kill off the strong colours. This was done by brush. We could have spray primed the cornice but that would have been over kill and there was no need.

When the Bin Primer had dried, which didn’t take long, we gave the cornice a coat of good quality matt emulsion as an undercoat.

Dulux brilliant white in a matt finish was chosen by our customer.

Using a paint sprayer, hvlp, we then proceeded to spray the entire cornice in the dining room. If we had been painting it all by brush it could have taken days to complete the work and it still wouldn’t really look its best. Spray painting the cornice cut the time down to about 2 hours! Not only did it save quite a bit of time it also gave the cornice a beautiful flawless finish.


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