Farrow & Ball paint, is it worth the cost?


farrow and ball paint



I have been asked over time if Farrow & Ball paint is really worth the extra cost. Some people like the Farrow & Ball colours but would prefer to get them mixed into a cheaper paint to save money. This can be done but the colour match won’t be exactly the same and you need to remember Farrow & Ball paint isn’t all about colour, though that’s a large part of it, it’s also about quality.

As far as I am concerned it’s one of the best paints on the market. It keeps its colour for longer and doesn’t fade as quickly as other paints. Its strong as water borne paints go and its quite durable too. Farrow and Ball paint is becoming a more popular choice for kitchens, wardrobes and fitted furniture these days. Farrow and Ball paint comes in 132 different colours and is bought off the shelf, that is, you don’t need to have it mixed up in a machine.

Farrow and Ball paint is really nice to work with too, and this is coming from somebody that works with a lot of different types of paint. When it comes to cost, Farrow and Ball paint isn’t cheap, but its not overly extravagant to buy a pot of this paint to transform your kitchen, wardrobes, fitted furniture etc. A 2.5ltr of Farrow and Ball paint for woodwork, eggshell for example, will probably cost maybe €30 more than the next best paint Colortrend Historic eggshell.

Farrow and Ball paint have a very low sheen eggshell, its not dead flat, there’s about a 20% sheen which is the lowest you will find amongst the more popular brands.

Farrow & ball paint for kitchen units, fitted furniture, windows, doors and any other type of interior woodwork used to come in either oil based or water based paint. These days you will only find the water based paint, the oil based is no longer available.

Farrow & ball paint for wood work has a strong and durable finish and there are 3 types of finish to choose from, dead flat, eggshell or full gloss. Farrow and ball paint comes in 132 different colours.  Unlike other paint brands you can only get Farrow & Ball colours in Farrow & ball paint, but that’s ok because 132 colours gives you plenty to choose from.

I love working with Farrow & Ball eggshell paint, its simply great! Farrow & Ball eggshell is easy to work with and gives a great finish.