Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood and Gloss water based paint.

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This is a quick blog on a new type of Dulux paint available on the market – Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood and Gloss.
Dulux Quick Qry is a water based paint that comes in a satinwood or gloss finish, designed for the interior woodwork of your home. There’s also a Quick Dry undercoat which should be used in conjunction with the gloss paint.

Why would you use Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood or Gloss paint? Well for a start its got hardly any fumes, unlike the oil based equivalent, so this means you won’t need to leave chopped onions about your house and all your windows open for a week!

Another reason to use Dulux Quick Dry is because it dries quick! This means you can apply another coat in only a few hours and that the finish will be dry in no time, unlike oil based paint which takes a lot longer to dry. This only applies if the temperature is above 8 degrees, if its below 8 degrees then you can change the name of this paint to slow dry.

When using Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood make sure the surface is sound and apply 2 coats to get a good finish, if you are going over a darker colour then you might need to use the Dulux Quick Dry undercoat first or else and extra coat of satinwood.

Dulux Quick Dry is an advanced formula and is a lot more durable than Dulux stay white or Dulux diamond coat.

I used Dulux quick Dry undercoat and gloss recently with great results. The customers were having all their bedrooms painted including the woodwork. There was hardly any smell of fumes which was pointed out by the customers and the woodwork was dry in no time.

When using Dulux Quick Dry Gloss make sure to give the surface at least one undercoat first or possibly two even, before applying the gloss. To be sure, look closely at the dried undercoat and if it looks like a nice uniform finish then proceed to applying your gloss, if however the undercoat looks a little shady in areas then it would be best to apply another undercoat before proceeding with your gloss.

If you are about to use Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood or gloss over a previously painted surface then the odds are you are about to use a water based paint over an oil based paint. This is ok as long as the oil based paint is good and dry, at least a month dry before applying the water based paint.

For preparation we always sand back or key the gloss/satinwood before applying a coat of paint, this is especially important with water based paint. You must make sure to give the surface a really good rub down first. Start with 150 grade sandpaper then move on to 240 grade and again give it a good rub down. This will help ensure that the paint can grip onto the surface

Dulux quick dry satinwood
Kitchen Ceiling painted with Quick Dry Satinwood

Another part of preparation for water based paint like Dulux Quick Dry is to make sure to clean and degrease the old paint work before you apply the first coat of paint. If you get the preparation right then everything else will just fall into place for you.

Once prepared, wipe down the area with a damp rag first before painting, this will help to spread the paint. Dulux Quick Dry does act a little like an oil based paint when applying so be careful not to put too much on or it may sag and drip. Apply a small amount at a time, spread it around well and then using your brush lay gentle strokes in the same direction. For example lay the the strokes from top to bottom, this will help give a more uniform finish.

Its best to use a good quality synthetic bristle paint brush for this paint. An inferior brush will produce inferior results guaranteed. I recommend using a Wooster Chinex FTP if you can get your hands on one!

All in all, Dulux Quick Dry satinwood and gloss for interior woodwork and metal work is a good solid paint. Easy to use, quick drying and low odor.

Give it a try for yourself.

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