How To Revarnish Wooden Window Frames And Doors

How To Revarnish Wooden Window Frames And Doors

How to re varnish wooden window frames.

If you need to re varnish wooden window frames and would like a professional to take care of it for you then please get in touch here and we will come and give you a quote.

If you want to re varnish wooden window frames yourself and just need to know how to go about it then read on.

Exterior wooden windows that have been varnished or stained need to be maintained. Every year or two you should re varnish wooden windows. Giving the wooden windows a light rub down with some fine sandpaper and a coat of a good quality varnish or stain will be enough to maintain and protect them from the elements.

If your wooden windows have gone a few years without any attention then there’s a good chance they will end up looking something like the window in this photo.

varnish wooden window frames

To re varnish wooden windows like these will take a good bit of work but is well worth it. This next picture says it all.

So how do re varnish wooden windows to achieve a great finish? Just follow these 6 steps.

1. First you need to remove the old coat of varnish. To do this you should first scrape away the old coating with a carbide scraper. Always move in the same direction as the grain when working with wood, this applies to scraping, sanding , painting , varnishing etc. These clips will show you how to scrape.

Step 2. You must sand the wooden window frames with a medium grade sandpaper. Once they’ve all been rubbed down you repeat the process with a finer sandpaper and then once again with a finer sand paper. I recommend starting with an 80 grit, moving on to a 120 grit then finishing with a 180 grit.

varnish wooden window frames

Step 3. If there are black stains on your wooden windows then they will need to be treated with a wood bleach. There are a few different products on the market, I use Net-Rol wood cleaner. Net-rol is sometimes best used neat. Using a stiff bristle brush and the Net-Rol, scrub the black stains until they disappear.

How To Revarnish Wooden Window Frames And Doors

Step 4. Time to apply your first coat. First clean all the wood with white spirits on a rag For these windows I used Sadolin Classic wood protection for the first coat. This product will seep into the bare wood and offer great protection against the elements.

Step 5. Once the first coat has dried you will notice tiny hairs have risen on the surface of your wooden windows. You need to remove these by sanding with a low grit paper, I recommend using a 240 grit the clean again with the white spirits.

How To Revarnish Wooden Window Frames And Doors

Step 6. Apply your top coats. For these windows and doors I used 2 coats of Sadolin Extra Durable Wood stain for the finish. Apply one coat and leave to dry, a day will be sufficient for drying. Once dry apply another coat for the finish. That’s it!

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